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Our vision

in its purest form- 

empower people, protect the planet, live with purpose.

Luxury Modern Modular Homes
Luxury Modern Modular Homes
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Best Modular Home Builder

Building homes is

about building people.

Housing is the foundation of health, education, opportunity, prosperity...and hope. Carefully curated details and impressive designs inspire greatness. Home is an emblem of expression, and a stable sanctuary of calm in an ever-faster world.

Sustainable materials and building methods deliver quality homes while addressing the global environmental challenges. Natures blueprint is essential in housing creation, and eco- friendly practices are standard for each home.


Limits are meant to be pushed and boundaries redrawn. Merati inspires a purposefully designed life unrestrained by the customs of the day. Our forward-looking vision views the accepted norm as a challenge, not a boundary.

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