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About Us

An Introduction to Possibilities

Merati is changing the way people think about housing. We are a vertically integrated modular leader and advocate to building better homes and communities where people thrive.

Utilizing our technology-enabled design and engineering model, precision-driven manufacturing capabilities, and project-proven modular construction expertise, we build the future by providing high quality, sustainably produced buildings in less time across varied market sectors.  


Housing is the foundation of health, education, opportunity, prosperity...and hope. We believe that revolutionary housing development unlocks human potential and possibilities. 

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Founding Principles

Empower people, protect the planet, live with purpose.


We empower people and transforms communities through high-quality, beautifully designed homes. Merati aims to ensure that every citizen regardless of their economic status, has a place to call home, and opportunities to reach their fullest potential.


We protect the planet by using sustainable materials and building methods to address the global environmental challenges. Natures blueprint is essential in housing creation, and eco- friendly practices are standard for each home.


Inclusive homes and communities promote prosperity and enable meaningful and fulfilling lives. Merati inspires a purposefully designed life that is unrestrained by the customs of the day. Our forward-looking vision views the accepted norm as a challenge, not a boundary. 


Inspire Greatness

Merati means “to inspire greatness". It is the guiding force from which our innovation, aspirations, and ongoing vision unfolds. Our mission is to rise above expectation and reason by creating developments that reflect the needs and desires of the people who will live in them.


As a modular home builder, we focus on design excellence, technology, and thoughtful city-building. We continue to evolve our practice and push limits to build a better future for all. We work with local communities to build urban spaces that redefine modern living.


Our goal is to provide people with a place to anchor all of life’s moments and inspire them to be their greatest self – giving room for both the ordinary and the exceptional to flourish.As we continue to extend the limits of possibility, inspiring greatness will forever remain our ultimate pursuit.

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