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Our Process

Merati is the intelligent application of combining the complex practices of design, logistics, production and construction into a seamless, simplified process providing a turn-key solution for our clients.

Traditional construction techniques are riddled with inherent risks and inefficiencies. By combining the entire building process from concept to occupancy under the management of one company, our customers realize faster return on their investments, build greener buildings and receive more value for their labor.

Architecture Model Sketching


Pre-construction assessment

Merati provides pre-construction services to help your team design the optimal modular solution for your project. We collaborate with clients to identify their needs, space requirements, aesthetic, and overall goals to develop intelligent floor plans from modular construction philosophies. This step includes a site inspection, a digital model of the building in all its complexity, and an action plan and timeline for your project. 


This project test fit allows our customers to evaluate their projects faster, validate assumptions for their pro forma, visualize their space and design options, and move on to feasibility faster.



During the manufacturing process, our team—which consists of safety, quality, construction and engineering disciplines—provides our clients with the necessary data to monitor the production process and measure progress with specific metrics and performance indicators.

The structural, MEP, finishes, fixtures and full interior - the entire package - can be factory installed under quality control which significantly reduces the activities on site. 

Engineer on Tablet



The modules become a building when we move from the manufacturing facility to the site using truck transport. We can also transport modules to the building site by rail, ferry or vessel. 



Merati's expert team constructs and installs the modules. We can also provide training to the contractor and send on-site instructors to the building site to assist during installation. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 1.56.24 PM.png


Quality Guaranteed

Our modular buildings come with similar warranties and lifespan as traditional buildings. 

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